web design planningContrary to popular belief, web design planning is not just about aesthetics. Rather, web designers are in charge of building an interface that effectively can communicate the desired message and perform the necessary functions as needed by the organization.

What makes web design effective is its capacity to bring together all of the different elements and fine tune them to suit the needs and goals of the website and the business running it. That being said this article presents an overview of strategic Scottsdale web design and what it can do for you.

Web Design Planning

Understanding Web Design

Regardless of what you may have heard before, web design is not a simple art form. It involves a collection of wildly varying skills that needs to be brought together into one cohesive whole.

To give you a better idea of what we mean, every single page of your site makes use of graphics, photographs, and text. In order for them to work well, you need to make full use of a whole repertoire of skills from copywriting to typography and graphic design. Once you have done that, you will need to ensure that you make use of the proper layout strategy to bring out the best from all these elements and make them work together.

Just from that single example, you can see how a web designer will not only need to produce a website that is aesthetically appealing but also effectively communicates its message. At the same time, that particular page must also work together well with the other elements of the website like the color palette and the navigational tools.

In order to get all of that done and to ensure that the site is properly optimized, web designers are enjoined to think strategically. They must balance the bigger picture of the website with the finer details of the pages.

Strategic Web Design

One of the best ways to ensure that your website is doing everything it can for your organization is by making use the technique called strategic web design. Based on its name alone, one can surmise that it is about seamlessly combining the goals of your organization with the particular aspects of the web design process. That being said, your ultimate goal should be not to simply create a functional and good-looking interface. Rather, you should design one that also systematically meets the goals and objectives of your organization.

Consider this, there are many websites right now that are simply aesthetically outstanding. They look fantastic and they make full use of all the latest web design trends. In spite of this, they fail to meet the goals and functions they are supposed to address. This just goes to show that being up-to-date on all the latest trends is not the answer. Rather, it is knowing when and where to use these techniques that matter.3

Strategic web design planning entails making your organization’s goals serve as the backbone of your design strategy.  Only by doing that can you ensure that the goals of your organization are met and your customers are satisfied.