web design tipsWeb design is an important element of user experience, my web design tips will help you. It has a direct effect on your web traffic as well as your conversion rates. After all, if a site is unusable then it would be highly unlikely for your visitors to stay there long enough to make a transaction.

That being said, it is vital that we improve the way we design our sites so that our visitors can easily use them. This article presents a few ways to help you enhance your web design.

Web Design Tips;

Do Not Overload Your Pages

Visual overload is one of the most common mistakes web designers make. This is most apparent when a page is saturated with different images, photographs, Gifs, and videos to the point that they can be overwhelming for the user. This usually leads to your visitor closing the window and looking for another site, something that no website owner wants to happen.

This stems from the mentality that more means better. Unfortunately, several studies have shown that this is simply a misguided notion. When people are faced with too many options, their brain tends to treat everything as noise. Therefore, with too many visual stimuli, you eventually lose your grasp on audience attention.

That is why it is important that web designers know when and where to use images properly. You cannot have them all over the place. Keep in mind that your images are supposed to enhance the message of your content, not obscure it. We highly recommend that you put them where they make the most sense. For instance, if your long-form content just discussed a complex theory or framework, then put a diagram after that paragraph showing a concise version of what was discusses to provide the readers with a quick summary.

Give Your Readers Space

This advice is closely related to the previous section as it presents another way to effectively streamline your pages. As you may well know, aside from images, the written content itself can be a bit overwhelming for readers when not properly laid out.

That is why recommend that you keep paragraphs short and consumable. They should be no longer than five to six lines. This is so that your readers can fully absorb the messages you are trying to convey. After all, putting in too many ideas in one paragraph can easily confuse your readers, making them lose track of what you are trying to communicate.

In addition to this, you also need to improve your site’s layout. In particular, web designers need to understand the proper way to make the most of the white space. There should be enough space between your images and your paragraphs to enable your reader to fully digest everything that is being communicated. Of course, there is a balance to this that must be maintained. Too much white space would make your page seem empty.

If used correctly my web design tips they could help your users to effectively understand what your site is all about and what it is trying to offer.