web developmentWebsite owners need to understand that the web development of your overall theme is vital. Not only must it communicate what your site is all about, it must also lead to a smooth user experience. These two things are vital if you want to establish your business as a brand to be reckoned with in the digital arena.

Drafting Your Design

As they start building their site, most web designers often just start coding right away. They would create the designs on the fly and just clean things up later at a later stage. The problem with this method is that its clean-up stage can be rather time-consuming. You are essentially going into the design half-cocked and simply hoping that the final product would be good enough.

If you design your sites like this, then we suggest that you make a change. We suggest that during the conceptualization stage, you stick to a pen and paper first. Make a rough draft of what you want to achieve for your site. Like an architect, picture where you want to put in the specific elements of the pages. There is simply nothing better than going back to the basics as it gives you a visual idea of what you want your final product to look like.

Of course, if you are uncomfortable with actually drawing your plans for the site, then there are also other tools available for you to use. There are so many web design wire-framing and prototyping tools for you to try.

Whichever method you use, the most important thing is that you first construct your initial plans before actually proceeding with the code. This way you can save yourself a lot of work during the troubleshooting stage of the build.

Strategic Color Use in Web Development

Color in one of the most important elements of your theme. Misuse of this element can ruin the overall aesthetic of your pages, so try to think long and hard about your choices.

That is why web designers must approach its use strategically. We strongly suggest that you stick with a mostly neutral color palette. Not only can it help you create a clean and elegant aesthetic for your site, but it also gives you more breathing room for the other elements you will be putting in later.

Needless to say, the rest of your visual elements should complement with the existing color palette. Keep in mind that minimalism and neutral colors are staple elements of the site’s modern appearance. This is why you should use dashes of color sparingly for content that you want to highlight. For instance, your headlines and your more important graphics should serve as your page’s focal points, so consider endowing it with a bit of color.

You should always remember that the web development of your site is important as it is your very own piece of online real estate. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is the best that it can be. This article presents a couple of useful tips to help you develop a cohesive theme for your site.