website designing tipsWeb designers should understand the importance of cutting down on clutter, my website designing tips will help. If you want to become more effective in your messaging, you will want to ensure to minimize the distractions and highlight the important parts of your content.

This article seeks to teach readers the importance of maximizing their site’s functionality and minimizing its clutter. It does so by providing specific areas for improvement that you should explore yourself.

Website Designing Tips

Proper Use of Space

The basic rule of page construction is that you should highlight the most important parts. The best way to do that would be to minimize the visual noise. This is precisely the reason why we do not recommend that you stuff your content with too many images. Similarly, you simply cannot make your paragraphs too long. This is because you cannot overwhelm the user with too much information, doing so would result in them not absorbing the message you are trying to communicate.

To keep your readers from being distracted, web designers need to understand the importance of white space. It is a tool that should be used properly as it gives your readers the necessary breathing room they need to appreciate the things you are trying to communicate.

Of course, aside from the content itself, this rule should be applied to the overall layout and navigation of your site.

Staying Away from Sliders

This is actually one of the most highly contentious topics in web design today. However, we will stand our ground in stating that you should do away with your sliders. Not only are these tools distracting, they also serve no real purpose.

As you may know, sliders are often used to present the latest articles and news headlines accompanied by their corresponding images. We argue that these are redundant and can even severely limit the articles your users can access.

We suggest that you stick with a well-design homepage. There are certainly better alternatives to sliders. The options are virtually limitless, just use your imagination.

Eliminating Sidebars

Sidebars are the ultimate source of page clutter. Initially, they were designed to improve your site’s functionality by showing additional navigational options and elements that are available for users. Typically, they include links to your most recent and popular posts.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, many sites have started using them unnecessarily. This is because some site owners would like to put in features that are entirely unnecessary. This way, they became staple elements of all sites, regardless of its necessity.

That being said, you should try to visualize your site during the construction phase. Think long and hard whether you need sidebars or not. If you know that you don’t need it then just get rid of it. That should free up some space on your pages letting you create more productive design elements to better highlight your content.

Web designers should know that you only have so much space to work with. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are using the right tools to make the most of it. By minimizing the clutter, you can better maximize its functionality. I hope my website designing tips have been a big help to you.