In today’s digital age, it is vital for your business to have an active online presence. Whether it is an e-commerce platform, a social media page, a website, or a mix of all three, ensuring that your company is online will reap significant benefits. Even if your business, startup or even an established one, do not conduct any business online, loyal customers and potential ones expect to locate you online. If they do not find or see you on the web, you are missing the chance to increase your customer base as well as letting the world know about your business.

Here are four compelling reasons why your business should set-up and establish its online presence, brought to you by our friends at Web Launch Local.

  1. It makes it Easy for Potential Customers Connect to You

Nowadays, if a person requires more detailed information about a company, most likely, they will do their research online. Whether they are looking for your business, or they just want to find any firm that provides the products or services that your company offers, having an online presence will provide you a competitive edge amongst your competitors.

  1. It makes it Simpler to Present Your Goods and Services

The Internet provides companies a powerful, yet an easy-to-use platform to highlight what they can offer to the public. Whether it is a portfolio and collection of testimonials from satisfied customers on a website or an album on a Facebook page containing the photos of your latest products, it has never been simpler to let the world know what you and your business can offer.

  1. It makes it Easier to Create Relationships with both Customers and Potential Customers

Social media has some great uses. However, it has a core purpose, and it is all about building relationships. Social media gives your brand its voice – it presents your company more “human” and relatable to your customers. Customers and potential customers, on the other hand, can interact with your business on a more personal level, you can use paid traffic sources like Google Adwords as well to help but getting in front of those customer when they are searching for your services on the internet and it all begins with your website.

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  1. It makes it Simpler to Sell Your Brand

Undeniably, social media platforms and websites are excellent marketing tools. They provide business owners some of the most cost-effective means of broadcasting information to a countless number of people. Online marketing is crucial for all businesses. It has an enormous impact on the way many consumers make purchasing choices and decisions.

Now that I piqued your interest, you probably have already decided to get your business a website. For many companies, start-ups, and sometimes, even established ones as well, creating their first website is a daunting task.

However, no need to worry! There are several Website Builders available at your disposable. They cater to all businesses. These Do-It-Yourself Website Builders provides you with everything you need to set up your first website.

Here is a list of a few DIY Website Builders:

Please do take note, not all website builders are created equal. Some are far more affordable, with only a few features. While others offer their services at a higher cost, but boast premium plans. Ask yourself what you need, and what your level of knowledge is.

So now that you the means to build your website, how do you make sure it gets you results? To get the most out of your website, keep these six simple pointers in mind:

  1. Establish Your Identity

Giving a positive impression about who you are as a brand is one the most vital factors you can achieve with your overall website design. Too very often, business owners make the mistake of having their business homepage designed with a lot of goals in mind.

Ideally, your homepage must accomplish three things:

  • Introduce and provide visitors a distinct sense of your brand.
  • Present visitors with clear, easy-to-follow paths to other pages on your website
  • Be memorable. Achieved using a unique design, a catchy logo, or an overall appealing look and theme.
  1. Keep Everything Simple and User-friendly

Unless you already have an established and marvelous following, having a complicated website is never the way to go. An unnecessary amount of calls-to-action, links, widgets, and general clutter often distracts and turns off visitors, which, ultimately causes them to click on the “back,” or even worse, “close tab” button.

Never make your visitors feel the need to exert effort just to find the information they are looking for – because they will almost always never do it. Keep your homepage simple and user-friendly with:

  • Easy-to-read text
  • Plenty of white space
  • Clearly-labeled sections which make overall navigation a breeze
  1. Make Sure to keep it “Above the Fold.”

The phrase “above the fold” points to the upper half portion of a newspaper’s front page, which highlights an important news story. That segment of the broadsheet, is quite literally, above the fold. So, whenever a website designer uses the term “above the fold,” they are pointing to the section of the homepage which is immediately visible in a browser.

It is essential to remember that what is above the fold on desktops or laptop computers would probably differ from what displays above the fold on smartphones and tablets. Your site design should work across all devices, platforms, and operating systems. So, take the time to devise and plan a layout that works on all of them.

  1. Pick Your Font Type Wisely

The font type you choose for your website, in case you are not aware, plays a critical part in the overall design of your website. Fonts have a psychological effect on your visitors. As it greatly influences how customers feel about your brand. Website design is not as simple as putting up a bunch of text and pictures online and calling it a day. The first task in determining your ideal font type is to understand what your brand is overall. Know your products and services. Additionally, have a clear view of the brand you want to develop and grow around it.

You want your homepage, as well your website overall, to feel consistent and uniform. Achieve this consistency by not using too many different fonts types. Additionally, by choosing simplicity and legibility over complicated, elaborate fonts, the overall design and aesthetic will benefit immensely. Simply put: if your site has texts that you want your visitors to read, make it easy for them to understand.

  1. Pay Close Attention to Your Choice of Color Scheme

Your choice of color scheme, pretty much like your choice of font type, also has an effect how they engage with and interpret your website. Picking the wrong color scheme can send visitors away from your site. Moreover, it can have a negative influence on how you project the personality of your brand.

The use of numerous colors in harsh hues and contrasts might make most of your visitor’s heads spin. Do not make your color scheme more complicated than it needs to be. Whenever in doubt, choose to keep it neutral. Do not be afraid of white space.

  1. Have a Bold Supporting Image

Websites are a highly visual medium. It is an undeniable fact. People respond to the use of graphics and visuals uniquely than they do to simple printed text. Include an image on your homepage. Do make sure that the graphics you choose represents your brand’s vision or embodies your spirit. The image should pique your website visitor’s attention to learn more about your brand. You can also use of videos, as it is another smart option.

Important note, try to avoid using graphics or images that are explicit stock photos or otherwise inauthentic. As it is a dead giveaway that your company did not spend enough time on the overall design of your website.

Your website design is an unquestionably essential part of your successful online presence. From instantly engaging to your visitors, to giving them with an easy-to-use navigation experience, your homepage is the gateway where they can learn more about your company, and ultimately, your brand. A meticulous, well-thought out homepage and website design can help your business make an impact with your visitors and lead them towards becoming loyal and repeat customers.

About the Author:

Web Launch Local is a Michigan Website Design Company, who specializes in helping small business grow, though a variety of Digital Marketing Services.