Many businesses are often confused when it comes to web development and web design. Statistics show that companies search for both of these services without knowing the difference. Today, these two services are virtually interchangeable because of the way that many web companies describe the different services that they have. However, the truth of the matter is that these two terms have a fundamentally different aspect in regards to the website building process. This article will try to clarify the differences between the two.

Software Developement for WebIn a nutshell, web design includes the usability and the aesthetic portion of a website. A designer will use a variety of design programs like Adobe Photoshop to create the visual elements and the layout of the website. On the other hand, a web developer will take a website design and produce an actual functioning website. A website developer will use CSS, HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and many other programming languages to provide life to the design files.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at web design. A web designer will begin by taking a client’s website objective into consideration. He then well proceed to an information architecture which will set up the information of a website and help to guide the design process. He/she follow this up by creating wireframes and then finally go to the design stage. A web designer may often use a variety of basic design principles so as to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout.

There are specific basic design principles required for any website design. These design principles include balance, contrast, emphasis, consistency, and unity. For example, with balance it is important for the designer to create a layout that has balance. The designer will often use a combination of heavy and light. Heavy refers to dark colors and large portions while light refers to lighter colors and smaller portions. To achieve a balanced website design it is critical to use the correct proportion of both heavy and light.

With contrast the designer will look at contrasting textures, sizes, and shapes so as to draw specific attention to various sections of the website. Consistency is also called rhythm or repetition and it is a critical web design principle that will help to provide an awesome experience for any website visitor. Unity brings the various parts of a website layout together and helps the human brain to visually organize important information by grouping various elements into categories.

Let’s now continue by taking a closer look at web development. A web developer may often be called a programmer who will take the creative design and construct a fully functioning website. It may be easier to understand this by imagining that the design is the picture of the website. A web developer will then take that design, or picture, and dissect it into components. Finally, the programmer will finish by using a programming language to develop the website pages.

The more advanced web developers often choose Joomla or WordPress in order to streamline the website development. They may use a Content Management System such as the previously two mentioned, Joomla and WordPress. By doing this it will allow the client to easily update and maintain their website on their own. A web developer can also take a static layout and turn it into a dynamic website by introducing content sliders, active states for buttons and links, and by using image.

Yes, a small or medium-sized company may be confused by the terms Web Development and Web Design when deciding to redesign their existing website or look for new one. Even though there are certain individuals that have the ability to do both, many companies today have a team of dedicated web designers to create a website layout while at the same time having a team of dedicated web developers to complete the development stage.

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