seo tipsWeb design is a crucial element of search engine optimization (SEO), every web designer should take a look at my seo tips. This is because SEO, as an online marketing strategy, is not only concerned with improving site visibility but it also focuses on the functionality and usability of the website. Rising Phoenix SEO Company has the following message for you below:

That is where web designers come in. After all, they are not just concerned about the site’s aesthetic. Their main priority should be to find a balance between design and function. After all, a website may look good and have great content, but if it is unusable, then your visitors would simply move on to the next website for their needs.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done. There are so many elements that a web designer has to deal with when building and maintaining a site that it would be almost impossible to not forget a thing or two.

This article seeks to remedy that by providing a few of the basic tips web designers should know when optimizing a website.

SEO Tips;


One of the most important aspects of web optimization is ensuring that your pages are easily accessible. This is so that site visits can be easily facilitated and managed. Here are a few reminders when overseeing the issue of site accessibility.

  • Page Indexing and Access – As much as possible, you want to avoid 404 errors (page not found). It is a clear sign that you are not managing your site correctly. Needless to say, this could reflect you’re badly on your search engine result rankings.

As you may well know, if the search engine is not able to reach a page, then it is virtually impossible to get it indexed. That being said, you have to ensure that a robot meta tag is not blocking your vital pages. This happens often enough, mostly by accident, so it is always safer to check them first.

On the other hand, there are also pages that you have to keep off the index. These include incomplete pages and confidential pages exclusive for the administrator. This is when that blocking tag comes in handy, so make sure to use the robots.txt file and robot meta tag on them.

Content management

Content is one of the most important aspects of any website. As the web designer, you have to ensure that they are properly managed.

  • Proper Pagination – This is another aspect you simply cannot ignore. You want the search engines to handle pagination correctly so that your readers won’t be confused by the content. You can make sure this does not happen by putting in the rel=”next” and rel=”prev” tag on your pages.
  • Checking for Duplicates – Duplicate content can hurt your site’s optimization scores. Finding them is simple enough. You can look for them by making use of site crawling software. Once you have found any duplicate content issues, you have to ensure that they are dealt with quickly. You can fix them by making full use of the 301-redirect, the rel=”canonical” tag, and the meta robots tag,

As you design your site you need to consider my seo tips, make sure that do not forget these important tasks yourself.