best web designEffective web design operates on a few established rules, follow my best web design rules below for maximum results. Its main goal is to provide users with a seamless experience. A well-designed site should help them acquire the information they want while also encouraging them to take part in additional activities such as subscriptions, email lists, or even business transactions.

However, contrary to what many people think, the rules of web design are not static. They are not set in stone. They are ever-changing in the same way that the behavior of the site visitor changes. Like with anything else, the art of web design must adapt to the changing times.

This article gives particular attention to these new developments. It presents a couple of new web design tips that everyone must follow.We

Best Web Design Tips

Streamlining Site Navigation

For the longest time, web designers have been taught that their navigation menus should be packed with as many links as possible. The idea behind this is that it should encourage your site visitors to fully explore the different pages of your site.

However, recent studies have shown that stuffing your homepage, blog posts, navigation menu, and a sidebar with too many links can have an adverse effect. In particular, it can turn people off even to the point of them just dropping your site altogether.

The reason behind this is actually pretty simple. Too many choices will inevitably overwhelm people. Instead of encouraging your visitors to visit the different links you provided, in the end, they’ll just treat it all as a nuisance. The same is true with images and content, and this rule also certainly applies to the links you provide.

That being said, we strongly suggest that try placing fewer items in your navigation menus. Keep in mind that the navigation menu is there to help them navigate the site with ease. So, just limit the links to the most important content. You could always put in additional links at the footer of your articles to direct readers to similar articles.

In addition to that, we also suggest that you try eliminating the sidebars of your site. Such a simple move can actually greatly reduce the amount of clutter to be found in your pages.

Responsive Web Design

Another important development all web designers must focus on is the rise of mobile device usage. It continues to grow and is fast-becoming one of the primary ways people browse the internet. That being said, you should ensure that your site’s design is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Responsive web design means that your users should have no trouble switching between devices. In the past, web designers had the luxury to skip this step entirely by having two websites. One was meant for desktop browsers, while the other one was meant for mobile browsers. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Responsive web design is no longer an option.

That being said, when you design a site, you should ensure that all your elements are functional regardless of the browser type. You should also pick a layout that can work for both desktop and mobile browsers.

These are just some examples of the best web design rules that must be followed by web designers. Keep them in mind when you construct your own site.