With the brilliancy of DIY style software application like Canvas, PicMonkey Design Wizard and Adobe Spark, you don’t have to be a professional graphic designer these days to produce fantastic material for your service however let’s face it, not everyone has the natural knowhow to knock out beautiful, captivating designs. Here are seven basic style ideas * that will have you looking like a pro and think what? Keep developing your own images and you’ll quickly turn into one!


CinchShare integrated Canva into our software because we enjoyed the simpleness of it, so I’ll be utilizing Canva screenshots for the function of this post.


1: Background Image

Your choice of image for the background depends entirely on what the function of the graphic is, however keep in mind that if you do not have negative area (that’s an empty space where you place your text) then it’s always an excellent concept to put a transparent shape over the image so the text is easily visible. Nobody likes to squint to try and read what’s on a post so they’ll simply keep scrolling!


2: Branding Colors

When you begin a style, keep in mind that you want to stay true to your brand. If your colors are navy, teal, coral and white, for example, then grab the hex codes and input them into your software so they remain on point and constant. You can then easily utilize them for your fonts or style elements.


3: Fonts

Fonts can be difficult as there are a gazillion to choose from however a simple pointer for creating is to blend them up. 2 font types are best, and the more contrasting they are, the much better. For instance, pairing a handwritten or script type typeface with a plain font looks incredible. You can likewise play with line spacing and letter spacing if needed to get that exact look you’re opting for and do not forget to use various sizes for an overall professional feel!

4: Filters

Image filters are everywhere! I’m sure you’re familiar with the ones on Instagram and they serve the very same function in a DIY software application. I don’t utilize the automobile ones frequently, personally, but I will play around with the brightness, contrast, blur and other innovative alternatives to improve the quality and look of my background image.


5: Logo/Watermark

You’ve invested the time creating your amazing new design so you definitely want to take the credit for it! Plus, as a business, adding your stamp to it, whether it be your logo, site, by name or link to blog site, is extremely crucial so that individuals can not just discover you but acknowledge your work and material as a brand when they see your graphics. You can include your logo design to a corner as I did here, or you can create a watermark, which is a transparency, and have it cover the image– it’s truly as much as you!


SIX: Themes

When you’re creating material for your Facebook parties, classes or trainings, or for a series of images to put in an album, consistency is your BFF! Make copies of your initial image so you can create all the graphics you’ll require merely by switching out the background and altering the copy however keeping all your branded colors and font styles. It’ll conserve you a lot of time instead of needing to begin each image from scratch and they’ll make certain to look phenomenal when you’re all done!


7: Step Away!

Don’t hesitate to return and make improvements! See how I started with a teal “7” in the ideas 3? Well, I didn’t enjoy it, so I went and switched it to the navy. Better! I also made the transparent white box behind the text a bit more nontransparent so the text was more readable. Modifying after you’ve “finished” is absolutely nothing unfavorable– it’s really an excellent practice as when you step away for a moment and go back to your design you’ll view it with a fresh pair of eyes, which is what your audience will see!


If you ‘d like to find out more about Canva, have a look at CinchShare’s playlist on our YouTube Channel where you can see how simple it is to create and set up all in one location using our Design with Canva button. It seriously conserves you lots of time! If you ‘d like to go over design you can discover me in the SocialCinch Club where I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Canva and making your own graphics. Have an awesomely innovative day!