Responsive Twenty Ten is a child theme of the default WordPress theme. Dan Gavin and Sara Cannon of Birmingham, AL decided to go on a quest to make a responsive WordPress theme. Lo and behold, the twentyten child they’ve been dreaming of was already started! So, they developed this theme based off of Todd Halfpenny’s version here. With the addition of some special touches such as flexible images, nice margins, and some mobile image rules.  Please download, take, use, change, and do whatever you want with it.


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  2. aprillins says:

    smart! thank you so much for the theme, I wish I have an iPad to test the theme :)

  3. Hi, great theme, thanks! I modified a few things, though:

    – The WP 3.1 drop-down menu is not really touchscreen friendly. It magically works on iPhone, but fails completely under Android (the menu does not open at all). I added some jquery code in order to make the menus respond to clicks instead of the CSS :hover selector. Works fine for me.

    – I somehow tuned the smarphone media query css to get as much place as possible on the screen.

    You can find my modified version here:


    Feel free to add some of these changes in a future release of your theme.

    Best regards!


  4. John Susko says:

    This is excellent. I’m new to child themes and I’m wondering; can this child theme be used with other themes (such as thesis) or only 20-10?

    If so, can you recommend any resources that explain how to do that?

    If not, can you help direct me to a similar implementation of a responsive child theme specifically for Thesis?

  5. Sara – Thanks for mentioning this during your presentation at Wordcamp on Saturday.

    I installed the plug-in version because I an not knowledgeable enough to install the child theme. (Too late for that anyway, I already messed with the original code.)

    My question: The only items that are not scaling are the photo header images. Is there a work around for that? Should I save them in a different file format? My main concern is the home page.

    Put another way, how do I make my header images scalable? (Keeping in mind I really don’t know what I’m doing.)

    Thanks again!

    Looking forward…

  6. Banago says:

    Hi Sara,

    I’m very much into responsive+adaptive CSS development and I’d like to contribute to this project too. I’m looking for new experiences to enrich my CSS knowledge and share it with others.

  7. How did you get around the fact that when the user inserts an image in the GUI, WP will assign it an inline width and height value? Was it not difficult to style the images with percents if they had inline height and width values?

  8. Dan Hanf says:

    This is great! I’m watching your talk from WordCamp SF2011, as soon as you mentioned you made a responsive plugin for 2010, I rushed over here and installed it. Works like a charm.

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks for your plugin. I have shifted the position of my menu to the top of the header image. The menu has a couple of long drop menu’s, which don’t show above the content, when the browser is narrowed in, as they do when the site is displayed at normal width.

    I have tried a few things but can’t rectify the problem. Could you please help?

  10. John Counsel says:

    Thanks soooo much for this — I have over 120 sites, about a third of them created using twentyten. This is a live-saver! I’ll be promoting this heavily over coming months, including at my site http://beginnersguide2forummarketing.com/mobile-design/secret/ (recounts also how I stumbled onto this site, nearly losing a major client in the process!)

    John Counsel
    CEO, The Profit Clinic
    Melbourne, Australia

  11. Mark says:

    I get the following error using your plugin.
    Could you help with this?

    “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://www.boynevalley.org.au/wp-content/plugins/responsivetwentyten/twentyten/style.css

  12. Mark says:

    I should have included this is using firebug, in the console tab, the site still loads an ‘not found’ page as expected

  13. Nancy Rodger says:

    Thank you so much for the responsive child theme! I have a problem which have tried to troubleshoot and have no luck. On the individual posts page, the wrapper div let’s go and the primary widget area floats way over to the right or down below. This does not happen on the home page which houses the posts also. On Safari and Firefox, so not particularly a browser specific thing.

    This doesn’t happen in the twenty ten non-child theme when I apply to my page so not sure what is going on. I would really appreciate some help on this.

    I added some of my own css onto your style.css but even when I put your original unadulterated style.css back in, the problem still exists.

    You can see the problem here http://nancy-rodger-web-design.com/blog

    Thanks a ton!

    Thanks so much

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